Ofsted Quoted:

“Children enjoy taking part in a wide range of opportunities that effectively promotes all areas of their learning. Staff plan activities that children enjoy and so they are eager to
take part.”

“Staff promote positive behaviour effectively. Children play cooperatively and enjoy attending. Their physical development is well promoted through a wide range of activities.
Outdoor activity and healthy eating contributes to supporting children's well-being. Babies' individual routines are well respected and children's self-care skills are fostered effectively.

Good hygiene practices and close supervision promote children's welfare. Most staff hold a paediatric first-aid qualification and are well deployed throughout the nursery. Accident records are well recorded and staff log pre-existing injuries to children which helps to monitor their safety.”

“All children, including those who speak English as an additional language and those who have additional needs and/or disabilities, make good progress in their learning from their starting points. Children are active, independent learners. They are gaining confidence in their ability and are inquisitive. Children are developing personal skills that will help them in the next stage of their learning, including moving on to school.”

The Train Station Day Nursery has been operating since 2013. These quotes are from Ofsted latest report 2017. Ofsted findings are that we are achieving GOOD (2) in all aspects of our childcare provision.

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